Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Key lessons for marketing in a recession

Coachie has written a list of notes from a report "Key lessons for marketing in a recession".

I can't say I agree in full, there are some typical marketing self-esteem lies to approve marketing existence. But for sure I agree that companies which cut marketing budgets are long term marketing losers. It was always easier and cheaper to maintain customer relationship rather than building them from scratch.

And of course, crisis is a great time to search for an opportunity and to use new alternative media which is cheaper than traditional one.

Monday, October 13, 2008

crisis behavior strategy

It's almost official - we're in crisis. At least now we can feel it by reconsidering payment periods for our clients, managing cashflows and thinking out our future possibilities in terms of both personal salaries and marketing budgets.

Now we have several possible behavioral patterns.
1. Making efforts to act if there's no crisis at all. Painfull and we're not sure if we have enough resources.
2. Doing nothing hoping to survive somehow until better time.
3. Reconsider our marketing policy, take our time to create all we can create by ourselves, communicate with our clients, choose strategy to do our best in terms of maket activity without spending much money - and get it all when economics gets out of recession.

We can use low-cost marketing still to ensure our clients to get enough attention.
We do.

Friday, October 10, 2008

One can't be a good marketer if his/her efforts are in product/client area only. The main product for a marketer is himself/herself. Self-branding is extremely important to a marketer.

I've heard from a collegue of mine that one of marketing gure started his seminar with a statement that he doesn't care about self advertising - his clients are the world-of-mouth channel. But to me this was a bit arrogant to say - very self-important and nothing about the audience.

The good example for me is Igor Mann with is slightly out of reality "I love all" image - he provides with a serious content without this burde of self-importance.

It is very important to show self-importance without showing it heavily.