Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm preparing to my first consulting interview now and happy to start reading recommended books for the company. One of them is "Say it with Charts
The Executive's Guide to Visual Communication" by Gene Zelazny (I'm reading the book in Russian). I realy enjoyed it, wishing I had a chance to look at some tips before or at least during my MBA.

Even if I had internal feeling about diagrams to use, I've got a great sence of complex charts. And the most useful tip, propaly, in this chart is about headlnes of the slide/shart. We got used to put simple general names instead of showing the concrete idea of the chart.

And now I need to make a small analytical presentation. I almost hate it - it is mechanical job. But the only one nice thing about it is the fact I can train my new skills of creating charts. We'll see.

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