Thursday, December 11, 2008

advice vs implementation

I can see the same pattern in behavior of any business that seeks for a consultant advice - they all whant to know what to do and they all want to do nothing with that.

Consultancy companies provide the solution - implementation part is up to the client. And the very implrementation part makes the difference between a successful company and a loser.

Well, I vote for implementation. Still having the consultant career in mind.


marketing-scout said...

The problem is that the consultant can't control the implementation process at the client's company, because the consultant is not owner or CEO at the client's company.

It is a case of confidence: the client trusts the consultant and his andvices; the consultant gives credence to the client and his ability to implement the advices.

Good that you wish to be consultant in the future. It's a hard but very interesting job :-)

Marina said...

I know that. Moreover, even in my company I can't be sure of implementation, the reason is the same - the lack of credibility.

That's why I tend to work with a small business where I can experiment and persuade the only person - the owner to try the things I invent.

Consultancy is one of the career possibilities. Given the choice of consultancy vs. company when I can implement, I'm not sure that the first is the main choice.

marketing-scout said...

The consultant can face the same troubles with the owner of a small business, too :-) A for me, I tried to control the implementation process of my advices on a monthly basis, but failed.

If the owner is able to implement he will do it without the consultant's control. If he can't, nobody will help him :-)

The right way is to choose right clients :-) Not all clients are ready to work with consultants, especially in Russia.

Now I can forecast the client's future behaviour before we sign a contract, it's a question of experience and observation. Bad implementation can just make the consultant's reputation worse. But the consultant can protect himself, if he analysis the client well before they sign.

Marina said...

i'm totally agree about implementation part and the owners inabilities. and wish i could forecast behavior. what a great experience you've got.