Monday, July 27, 2009


Just added two feed at my netvibes and now I'm full of todo lists and thrilled to find an answer how to stop worrying and start implementing all my plans.

One more article from John Baldoni To Lead More Effectively, Increase Your Self-Confidence.

From time to time I need to ask myself a couple of questions to boost my self-confidence. Here they are from the mentioned article.

What do you do well?
What have you done to earn the trust of others?

I omit the second question from the article (Why should people follow you?) cause I'm rarely thinking for the whole team, concentrating on personal issues. May be the ability to create the followership defines a leader? Anyway, I decided to concentrate on processes I'm managing. Well, human resources are the part of the process, so are the clients, that makes followership being vital for me.

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