Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just do it.

I've recently got (finally!) the book by Alex Levitas about improving profits. The most valuable advice (apart from lots of business situations the author described) is the thing of acting after thinking out the solution.

With the salon of my friend we decided to male stimulation action: give a free cosmetic test to everyone who has bought the 30-60 minute atrificial tan station pass. This is a trick - everyone who uses solarium needs a special skin treatment to hydratate it. If we advise directly, people might be afraid of being pushed to pay for cosmetic service. But if we give free test and explain, that additional treatment might be needed, it;s a person's choice if he (or she) will take it.

Sounds smart and easy. But we decided the trick a couple of weeks ago - and nothing has been done since that time. Well, it's really a time for me to push the program. 2 steps from me - calculate profits (since march 2007) and post an announcement.

Ready, steady.... no-no-no, not later... now! go!

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