Wednesday, July 9, 2008

attention, please

Last saturday I came from th business trip. I had 6 meetings within 2 days to get known to our clients and collect their impressions about our program (just to check if they need it). During those meeting I made some notes about not only words I heard, but also about the things the CEO's like. E.g. I know that one of the clients loves Eastern culture (katanas on the wall, expensive herbal tea, china on the shelves). I know that another CEO has little space in her study, but crazy about small girlish souvenirs. To know your client better you need just to open your eyes.

One more thing. Durng all the meetings before I leave, I used to give a 'free advice' - if the company just started planning website creation process, I provided them a link to a good newsletter about the components of the project. Another company received a hint to read a very useful book about 'micromarketing' - cheap basic steps anyone needs to implement if (s)he wants results without big investment.

Just open your eyes. And be eager to know your client better.

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