Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marketing Triumph ingredients

The biggest marketing mistake I've made by now is beleiving I can make people moving just because I have a great idea. Not to humiliate personal skills and abilities, it is impossible to be the only marketing and innovation drive.

But it is possible to break the rules. The team, not the only person can make it. And for a leader - think out a set of actions, create a reasonable budget, get personnel, create a team (put teambuilding and educational expenses into the budget and use it) and set the market on fire.

To succeed, you need three components. Clarity of the mind + Team + Budget = Marketing Triumph.

Loose budget means lots of plans and weak implementation.
Weak team means you will abandon most of the plans' implementation due to the lack of time and efficiency.
Blurred mind means money spent for no purpose.

Clarity of the mind + Team + Budget = Marketing Triumph. Shake well. Enjoy.

Took me 1 year to find the recipy.


Elena Moskalenko said...

Stop blaming yourself! it's the best tag for the post.

It's human to err. You will be a success not only if you realize your mistakes but if you correct them.

Make your team - you're a leader, baby. And don't be afraid of yourself. Being at the front is our destiny, dear.

Marina said...

the road to wisdom?
well, it's plain
and simple to express

and err,
and err again

but less,
and less,
and less

Got your point. Knew that but sometimes need a reminder.