Wednesday, March 31, 2010

networking month

March was full of networking. First I met my ex-colleague for a quick dinner chat, it turned out to have a business interest as a motive to meet. Then I had a very productive breackfast followed by networking conference. Finally, today I attended business breakfast organized by Zubry community.

Here are my notes from today's event.

1. Networking is not only about business. Networking is about connections. I saw a lot of business today. I heard a lot of advertising. People were missing. Just imagine a breakfast with advertising posters - this is what I had today. Well, almost. I've got 1,5 personal connections. One is a great girl too busy to pursue her dream activities. And a half is a guy who can be interesting, but too proud of himself.

We're in business 24/7. What I expect from a business connection is to be a little more personal.

2. Networking is about care of relationship. And relationship means that more than one person is involved. Having in mind own interest care about the other party. People need to concentrate on listening. What's in it for me is good. But being combined with what can I give to the person is a weapon.

3. Networking is about being natural. Leave professional as a filter to check incoming/outcoming information. And that's it. Nobody wants to have breakfast with a classified ad. Nobody wants to connect to a marketing manual.

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