Wednesday, April 7, 2010

consulting activities

I have some great news, guys.

Something happened to me that I decided to add some new activities to my common business. As you may know, I'm a marketing progect leader in Russian distribution company and a marketing lecturer in Ryazan University.

After my MBA boost of my entrepreneurial spirit I had a lot of doubts and thinking about own business. It took me 2 years to pay the debts after my study - and now I'm feeling like having a freedom to organize something myself.

First is the product project. We have a great idea and a clear vision how to build distribution. Need some personal finance to be invested, at least at a trial stage. The project is offline, but requires some online activity and refers to my personal interests to healthy life and professional connection in stationery business.

The second project started 2 weeks ago when I joined my family business. There's a group of smart people who know spanish real estate market. They are great in finding the place and good to communicate with people willing to buy it. The process is smooth, my task is to build communications and help improving client's inflow. Since they really know what they're doing, I'm happy to join them. This is #1 priority by now.

The third one is about buying a share of the business. I love the idea of business library connected to a network. And it is about micro-investment so I suppose it a good step to own business experience. Meeting the entrepreneur this or next weekend.

The last but not the least involves some abroad activities. This weekend we're meeting with a friend of mine to develop the business model and communication for yoga community.

Perfect. All the projects require my professional skills and refer to my personal interests. Abroad activities (love both places), markcomm, health, networks and media.

Feeling like openning a box of Godiva chocolate for the first time!

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