Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Find Your Passionate Work

Following are some exercises to help you finding what is your passion in life and how can you develop it.

1. Go through magazines, brochures and newspapers and cut out any images, photos and words that inspire you. Make a collage, and see what main subjects are reflected.

2. In a middle of an empty page write the most important value for you in your work. Write other values that excite you and connect them to the ones listed thus far. Once you have finished, look at the relationships between the words and discover the message in relation to your vision.

3. Ask yourself the following questions:

a. What do you do that is natural, easy and effortless?
b. What activities put you in the flow, that place where you get energized and lose track of time and space?
c. How would you complete this sentence: I love it when I know my day will include:...

Once you have completed these three steps you hold a map for your heart's desires. You've found what excites you, the values that are important for you as well as your strengths and talents.

Now sit down and make a list of all the possible jobs that can include the contents of this map. Be creative and even invent new positions, or new jobs. Don't limit yourself to reasonable solutions.

Allow yourself to dream and pursue the unknown, all that lies beyond your comfort zone and limitations.

Take as much time as you need and have fun with it.

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