Monday, July 23, 2007

5 strange facts about myself.

1. I love to drink kefir (russian sour milk) with salt and tomato juice. This is reminds me the taste of liquid when you finished tomato salad with yogurt or sour cream dressing.
2. I collect passanger coupons from all my flights (when they give a boarding pass and leave small right piece to me). By now I have 52.
3. I don't like reading books from the screen. Sometimes I print the text (two pages per sheet, double-sided). While reading I tear off page by page. And in the end of period of reading (I read in metro or train) I tear the read pages into 4 pieces. I have this habit since my job where I used a scratch paper to print articles. the information on the other side might be not for other people's eyes.
4. Being stressed for studies and work for a quite a long time I learnt self-fear management. Now I remain relaxed even in stress, but the only reminescence of it is stomack problem - I always have it when I supposed to be nervous.
5. I remember most of my sports accidents and like joking about them - that helps to avoid negative flashbacks.

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