Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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I really liked the post of Seth Godin.

I was at a gala a few weeks ago (featuring no less than ten speakers). At least 80% of them began their talk by saying, "I know you're hungry, but..." or "I know it's late, but..." or "I know you want to go home, but..." and then apologized for giving a speech.

If your speech needs to be prefaced by an apology...

don't give it.

That's why they call it giving a speech. It's a gift. If you have to apologize, it's no longer a gift, is it?

Our collective fear of public speaking has created a host of awkward situations and events. It's pretty simple: Be brief. Or don't come at all. Don't do anything you need to apologize for.

(and brief means sixty seconds, usually. That's enough to say hi, to say thanks and to move on.)

Seth Godin, Nov 07, 2007 16:37:46 GMT


Anonymous said...

interesting, Marina.
no wonder that spanish people are just the same in regard to speech giving as we russians.

Marina said...

well, can't see connection between my post and spanish people.
I'm russian, Seth Godin is american, conference, I suppose, was in US also.

As far as I can see, spanish people have their personal style based on their usual rapid manner of speaking and what they call Mediterranian mentality. Can't express this)

Anonymous said...

then i should say "all peole are just the same", but that would be too obvious :))

Anonymous said...

jiz, who is seth godin?

oops... i thought that was you, Marina, experiencing the gala...

Marina said...