Wednesday, November 7, 2007

tech notes

Well, you really understand the opportunity when you need it. I become aware of RSS idea a year and a half ago when bumped into discussion of its necessity. I started using it a year ago when during our Informational System class we mentioned it. At that time I was choosing between downloading feed with a special program or having it online. Since I didn't have connection at home, I went for FeedDaemon - to download and then read later. At that time it seemed to be a perfect thing - I had all my feeds atr one place, read them when I had time. I wondered: why people need online rss-combiners.

My laptop now is on mainteinance (to make a long story short, I had a flaw at the top cover and went to service for a change, they promised to fix it during one month, when the block got stuck, when they decided to change the screen because of spots and now they are waiting for a motherboard - I don'tknow really why, but the laptop is 2 months delayed). I'm using my friend's machine - she was very kind to borrowit to me until December. And I really can't using a lot of programs - the capacity doesn't allow me. I gave up Outlook (to export messages then and to sort - too much time), stopped using Skype for calls (I rarely used it, mostly for messenging), reordered all the links and folders I use, but it's getting messy, because it is just not my laptop!!!

Since my networks are not requiring that my time, now I decided to build my rss feed place. Thanx to Marin Varsavsky, whose class again inspiredme to do one more crazy thing online. I really need the easy updateness on news. Later on I will duplicate all the feeds to my FeedDaemon, but now...

Welcome to the wonderful world of

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